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Using email as a tool for product or service promotion is a proven strategy for many businesses. Its main aim is to build brand awareness and sales. However, when using email as a marketing tool, you need to take several important aspects into consideration. First, make sure that your audience is interested in what you have to offer. When using email for product or service promotion, consider your audience’s buying journey. If they are in the awareness phase, you shouldn’t advertise a product or service to a segment.

When using email as a marketing tool, keep these factors in mind.

A good example would be how often consumers like to receive promotional emails. Ideally, they’d receive at least one email per week. Another factor to consider is the cost. Using email for product or service promotion can be expensive, but it has tremendous potential to boost sales and revenues. When done right, it can bring in a high ROI and be relatively cheap.

Moreover, email campaigns should be targeted and not be too generic.

For example, a restaurant can send out emails offering two-for-one deals or other special discounts to its loyal customers. Similarly, a coffee shop can send emails to its subscribers during the holidays. For businesses with a diverse range of products or services, it’s important to know the niche you’re targeting and the type of audience you’re targeting.

In general, the more frequently you send promotional emails, the better.

Among survey respondents, 40% said that they prefer to receive promotional emails at least weekly. Nevertheless, this percentage may be inaccurate, and a survey of subscribers’ preferences can help you avoid sending too many emails that won’t have an impact on your bottom line. Further, research has also shown that the average ROI of email marketing is $122%. In addition, you’ll also learn how to create a targeted email list and get maximum results.

As a result, email marketing is an effective method of promoting products or services.

Besides boosting brand awareness, it also offers a high return on investment. According to Chief Marketer, only 12% of marketers understand the concept of marketing ROI. The ROI of marketing is important because it determines whether or not the campaign is a success or not. For example, if an email campaign is not generating leads, the ROI of a product or service can negatively impact your bottom line.

The best way to motivate an audience to opt-in to an email list is by offering a free opt-in.

This is an easy way to build an email list, but you need to be sure that the opt-in is not spam. Depending on your audience, you can offer a free white paper or ebook to get subscribers. For a B2B audience, a white paper might be an ideal choice.



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